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I'm Lisette,
Ereps-certified Personal Trainer, registered BGN nutrition coach and I love guiding people about nutrition and exercise. 

My mission asNutrition Coachis to increase people's awareness and knowledge about healthy food. I want people to experience that healthy food can be tasty and that, in addition to achieving an appropriate weight, you will also feel fitter and better.  

It gives me a lot of energy to achieve good results together with my clients. Whether it's learning to eat healthier, losing your pregnancy pounds, lowering your blood sugar, improving your cholesterol levels, lowering your fat percentage or losing a few pounds. Everyone is welcome!

ifPersonal Trainerit is my passion to make people move with pleasure again and to ensure that your body remains flexible, becomes stronger and your condition improves.

I have specialized in guiding seniors who have not been active in sports for a long time and who want to work on their balance and mobility at a leisurely pace, and 'younger elderly' who are still in good shape, want to work on their muscle strength and are more fanatical on the other hand. want to exercise. 

Everyone has their own strengths and limitations physically. As a trainer, I make sure that you perform all exercises in the right way to prevent injuries and get the best out of the training. With every training, your health and fun come first!

Are you interested in being coached? Please contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting!

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About Lisette

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