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Nutrition Coach

A combination of the right diet and sufficient exercise is the basis of a healthy and happy life.

With my work as a nutrition coach, I aim to make people healthier, happier and fitter by being more aware of food.

As a nutrition coach I am there to guide, motivate and help you make the right choices to lose weight permanently and healthy.


Why use the help of a coach?

It sounds so simple, but it is often difficult to adopt a new lifestyle. If you don't know how to get started or you need a big stick: I can help you!

To help you develop your own lifestyle, I create a balanced diet that is tailored to your needs and eating habits. This eating pattern is therefore easy to maintain and easy to apply in your daily life. We do not work with expensive meal shakes or other diet products, but with normal food that you simply buy in the supermarket!

How can I be of assistance?

Getting and keeping more energy

Knowledge about healthy food

Teaching a healthier lifestyle

Feeling fitter

Help achieve and maintain a healthy weight

BASIC €275 

Intake + 4 consultations    


Intake + 8 consultations 



5 consultations

Only in combination with Basic or Intense
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